Making Math Enjoyable!

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About Us

Our Mission

At Alethianne we are dedicated to the advancement of quality online education.  “Alethianne Mathematics”, our math series, provides superior supplementary math instruction for primary and secondary students that sharpens their critical thinking abilities.  Our aim is simple: to exceed the level of learning traditionally taught in schools and develop capable, courageous, and confident math students who genuinely enjoy math and the learning process.

Our Mantra

Making Math Enjoyable!

Our Approach

At Alethianne, we believe that kids learn math best when they are intensely curious and enjoying the learning process.  Generally, math is seen as boring and lifeless.  However, we positively challenge that view.  Math is enjoyable and applicable to everyday life when the correct approach is used.  We strongly encourage a playful and investigative attitude when approaching math and more specifically word problems.

We suggest you encourage your children to:
- Exercise their curiosity
- Maintain a playful attitude
- Not give up easily and try again
- Be willing to make mistakes and learn what works

While we emphasize developing a playful attitude toward math, we do not wish to minimize the fact that math will be challenging.  We believe that in the struggle to arrive at an answer, your children will receive much satisfaction and reap the benefits of continual critical thinking.  Our courses are designed to build tenacity and confidence in your kids, enabling them to face any challenges.  Let's begin the journey to math proficiency.

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